Energy Storage System Architect


Comfortable working with high-voltage power electronics? Prefer kW versus mW? Then please read on. FreeWire Technologies is looking for an Energy Storage System Architect to design the next generation of battery packs for our mobile energy storage systems. This involves interfacing between lithium-ion battery modules, power electronics (battery management system, inverter, charger, etc), and safety controls. You will be tasked with all phases of development; from initial design to sourcing components to full production and integration with the rest of the system. Extensive experience with lithium-ion batteries is vital, and a background in the automotive industry is highly valued. This is a hands-on role that will include lots of prototying and testing. We are in the process of ramping up production, so scalability and cost minimization will be key considerations in any proposed designs.

One example project is designing a standardized method to parellel our Mobi systems - both AC and DC models - for higher power AND higher capacity. Others would be evaluating and sourcing batteries, improving BMS profiles, and designing wiring harnesses. You will report to and work closely with the Director of Engineering to ensure all designs are consistent with overall system architecture and cost targets, but you will also have a lot of autonomy to work on these projects. We're always open to new and creative ideas to reduce time to market and improve manufacturability. 

The right candidate will bring an entrepreneurial spirit and be ready to take charge from day one. We need someone driven, responsible, communicative, and with great attention to detail. FreeWire is growing quickly and your compensation and responsibilities will grow with it.


  • At least five years of hands-on work experience with lithium-ion battery systems
  • Undergraduate degree in electrical engineering or equivalent preferred, but not required
  • Past projects showcasing battery system integration with high-voltage power electronics 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team
  • Interest in electric vehicles and grid integration are big plusses


$75K – $95K plus equity


DevOps Engineer


FreeWire Technologies is looking for an experienced, versatile, and motivated DevOps Engineer to join our fast-paced startup team. At FreeWire we build mobile energy storage systems used to charge electric vehicles and replace diesel generators anywhere clean, quiet power is needed. Our industrial IoT devices integrate on-device controls systems with cloud-based analytics, remote control, and client-facing applications to streamline customer operations. Our platform allows us to bring advanced analytics and device management to the electric vehicle, generator, and utility markets using a clean energy alternative.

In this role you will design, implement, productionalize, and maintain key components of our evolving software stack that support the development team and our overall product offering. This includes:

  • Contributing to architectural design decisions
  • Implementing new features
  • Performing code reviews and adjusting style guidelines as needed to improve code quality
  • Managing Github source control, educating new users, and resolving issues
  • Maintaining Gradle automated build and packaging system
  • Overseeing Travis CI integration for automated testing
  • Designing and performing automated tests
  • Enforcing semantic versioning conventions

The right candidate will be a great team player, but also have the drive to work autonomously. We don't want someone who just does DevOps, we want who loves DevOps and loves coding. You will be empowered to make decisions and introduce processes that have a lasting impact on the company.

This is a very hands-on role. Expertise in Java is crucial as our on-device codebase is built using the OSGi framework. Our client-facing platform (including backend, web, iOS, and Android apps) is currently developed by an offshore team. Your initial focus will be supporting the on-device development working with our in-house software team, with a long-term goal of streamlining the development process for our client-facing applications.


  • 5 years of experience
  • Git/GitHub
  • Java
  • OSGi
  • Groovy
  • Gradle
  • JUnit / Mockito
  • Travis CI
  • JIRA
  • Following engineering best practices wherever feasible, including (but not limited to):
    • Architectural clarity
    • Automated testing
    • Automated / scriptable deployment
    • Versioning and change management
    • Staging environments and test data management
    • Security, privilege, and secret management
    • Documentation

A basic understanding of electrical engineering concepts relating to household current and automotive electrical systems (voltage, current, power, AC/DC, battery charging/discharging) is a plus, but not required. On the other hand the ability to adapt to short-term and long-term shifts in business needs, which may necessitate periods of engineering work beyond this strict job description, is an absolute must. If this sounds exciting, apply today!


$90K – $110K plus equity