Concierge Charging





Electric Vehicle Charging Offered On-Demand

The mobility of Mobi Chargers Flex takes EV charging convenience to a new level. Upon arrival in a parking facility, EV drivers can conveniently request charging via a mobile app. Drivers never have to search for open charging spots. Facility managers never need to worry about organizing email groups for EV drivers or setting up staging areas for vehicles to park once they are done charging.

How It Works

freewire ev charging app

Drivers simply park anywhere in the parking lot and use the mobile app to indicate their parking spot.

freewire ev charging attendant

The request is received on our attendant’s app and automatically added into the queue.

freewire ev is charged

The attendant makes sure all EV charging requests are fulfilled before the drivers need to leave the parking facility.

Watch this short demonstration video of FreeWire's Charging-as-a-Service. 

Happy Employees

"I think this program is great! I don't have to concern myself with checking multiple times a day to find a spot, or going out at unpredictable times (I'm in meetings all day) if my spot on a waitlist comes up, or finding parking once my charging's done."
"Please keep the service going! It's so much easier than trying to run out and move my car between meetings, and the FreeWire team has been very responsive to any feedback."

Reach out to us. A representative will be happy to answer any question or schedule a live demo.