What Changes As EV Charging Infrastructure Scales?

July, 9, 2015

Drivers' enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EVs) has risen dramatically over the last half decade--since 2012, annual sales have increased 75%--but charging station support lags behind. Facilities that choose to serve EVs begin by installing a few charging stations, which then encourage more drivers to make the switch. Soon, facilities are pressed to expand their deployments. It may seem that the sticker price for the basic hardware is the same but installation costs increase substantially for additional sets of charging stations. New power upgrades, additional wiring, and longer labor times can all contribute to the increased costs.

Read our free white paper, Large Scale EV Charging Infrastructure, to learn more about deploying EV charging service for fleets of many EVs. Basic and necessary considerations for installing and scaling charging station infrastructure are outlined in this guide. A larger emphasis placed on the needs of large parking facilities in areas of high EV adoption that likely want to expand and modernize their charging capabilities.